Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the shaggy boy do.....................

So many of my friends let their little boys grow long, shaggy hair and they just look so cute! They have little curly (but still manly) locks. I tried to be trendy and do the same with Tate but it just isn't my style I decided. Tate has the thickest black hair that grows straight out! his long hair was really beginning to bug me so Chad got out the clippers this weekend and gave him the Chad special! It just fits him so much better I've decided. I feel like the real Tater is back!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Livia's Primary Program

I was so excited to watch Livia in her Primary program on Sunday. She spoke so clearly when she said her part of how she was thankful for her family. The only sad part was that she sat in the second row so whenever the kids stood up to sing she was lost completely- every once in a while she would strain to find us! (she is just so short!) The stake had six Primary programs yesterday and part of my calling is to visit each one. Our presidency split up so I was only in charge of three. It was a great Sunday being able to watch all of the children sing. I love my Calling!!!!

Sick Tate is on the mend!

Last Thursday I went to bed feeling so relieved that I was able to cross many things of of my list of stress- Leadership training finished- CHECK!- piles dropped off at Good will-CHECK!- Laundry folded and even put away-CHECK!- Pumpkin Dip made and ready for delivery for visiting teaching-CHECK! needless to say in the midst of being so concerned my tasks were all being completed I was forgetting to focus on my most important task- My children! Late Thurs night Tate came into our room with the worst congestion I think he has ever had- We had all been struggling with colds that lingered but Tate's was getting way worse. I had my Mommy intuition tell me several times that week to take him in but it always seems that I am the paranoid mom when I go to the doctor so I kept shrugging it off and focusing on the "to do's" in my life. I made Tate a little bed on the couch in our room so I could be close to him- we were up every 45 minutes or so trying to comfort him- about 2:30 in the morning I was awakened by a screaming daughter who had an Ear ache! needless to say the first thing on my to do list Friday morning was to take the kids to the doctor! Sure enough Livia had a horrible ear infection. Tate on the other hand was way worse off- they took his temp which was a scarey 104.7!!!! his oxygen level was 5 points below what they consider low- I had to get his chest x-rayed and then go back to the doctor with the results. They said if he had pneumonia he would have to possibly be admitted into the hospital to get his oxygen levels to a better place- I was so sad for the poor little guy- after looking at his x-rays they felt confident that he just had an acute case of pneumonia that could be treated with lots of medicine at home. So our little family has just been hit really hard with the beginning of the cold and flu season! Today has been a good day- the kids have played and eaten really well so I feel like the end is definitely in sight!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

couldn't resist............

Sorry for mooning everyone but I just had to share this pic of our cowboy in the buff! look at those little buns of steel! sorry for the immodesty!

Our Halloween costumes!

The kids are all ready for their Halloween debut! Livia first wanted to be a forest fairy so I bought her this beautiful dress that looked like something Shirly Temple wore. (Maybe I bought it more for myself). Livia received this hand me down ASU cheerleader dress up from Nicole and lives in it! she loves to be a cheerleader and now insists that she wears it for Halloween. Tate is still at the age where I can decide his costume and luckily I picked one that he adores. He is the cutest cowboy there ever was!The first pic. is from last year's halloween when Livia was a cowgirl. I love this picture and I think I have already posted it on my blog in the past.

I am addicted!

I have a serious problem getting off of Nutella! I used to eat it when I was in Europe on fresh baked bread. I saw a jar of it at the store while buying peanut butter a couple of weeks ago and thought I would get some just for a stroll down memory lane- now I can be found with a spoon in the jar eating it without any bread close by.(Have I ever mentioned I have a really high sugar tolerance?) anyways it is grossing Chad out and setting a really bad example for my kids- I have to stop.

Fall Decorating....................

Believe it or not Liv is still on the mend from her evil cold! So yesterday while she took a four hour nap, Tate and I decorated the front porch for fall. It was a blast- Chad hates hearing this but Tate loves to decorate!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tate loves to go bear hunting.

On Saturday Tate went bear hunting with Chad near Prescott. They always have so much fun on their adventures. Chad recently bought the kids their own binoculars so they can glass along side Chad. Tate is absolutely thrilled with his new optics and loves to wear them on his belt when they are in their case. We even caught him checking himself out in the mirror the other day while wearing them. I am so happy my husband shares his hobbies with his kids. It makes so many fun memories.

The stupid chills!!!!!!

My friend Nicole always says that when you do something so humiliating and ignorant you get the "stupid chills". that is exactly what happened to me Saturday morning. I went to Wal-mart to get some medicine for my sick patient and to check out the fall decor they have for my front porch. I was feeling really happy that morning and when I was walking towards the entrance I noticed a man with a long scruffy beard and a back pack sitting on the steps of the strip mall. I just happened to have a 5 dollar bill in my pocket and since I almost never have cash I felt that it was meant for me to give to this poor homeless man. I walked up and handed him my money and he was just looking at me like I was a complete weirdo. "I don't need that- he said- I am not homeless or anything!" at a closer look I realized that he was just your everyday run of the mill Flagstaff hippie! He had on nice prescription glasses and was even drinking a Starbucks coffee!!!!! I was so embarrassed- I quickly walked into the store and even now when I think about it the "stupid chills immediately come back!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


This morning I woke up with so much energy.I made the beds, took a shower, got breakfast together, got the clothes for the kids- (this was all before Chad even left the house!)- after we got ready for the day I loaded the kids in the car to accomplish my list of tasks I had made the night before. I was running all of my errands and the whole time having a battle with Livia. She was whining and throwing fits over every little thing. I lost my patience with her more than once and ended up throwing all of my parenting skills out the window! When we finally got home Livia was really quiet. I went to help her with her shoes and coat and then I realized that she was burning up! I took her temp and sure enough 102.6! I felt so bad when I realized my little bug was not feeling good at all. My guilt continued to grow as did her fever which reached a whopping 103.5 before it finally broke a little over an hour later. I was so mean to her today- we are talking getting down on a three year old level mean and here she was sick as a dog and probably irritated that her mom was ripping her all over tarnation. Anyways- Livia is doing much better now. I am spoiling her and making her some homemade chicken noodle soup!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mia Ray is finally here!

Here is the newest addition to our family. My sister in law Jill delivered beautiful Mia two nights ago. She was eight pounds!!!!! That is so huge to me-remember I am the one who has 5 pounders! Welcome to the world Mia. Max sure looks like a happy big brother!

I wish I could clone myself!!!!! (does that sound like I think I am just wonderful?)

I have been getting tons of requests for help with organizing and decorating projects. It is so exciting! a part of me could so get lost in this type of service to others. I feel so happy when I make others love their homes again and find motivation to continue to make their space special. I have even been told to make a business out of it- here is the problem- I have an all or nothing personality. I think that is why I am either loved or disliked by those around me. I am working on this trait but it ain't easy. I tend to throw myself into a project to the point of forgoing food and sleep (just ask anyone that has had me work in their home) I just can't leave things half done- it kills me! this is why I have to be selective of how I use my energy each day otherwise I just get all used up! I struggle at times with knowing that my first priorities are my family and my calling. I know this is where my energy needs go right now and what ever I have left over will definitely be put towards helping all of you! so- no business right now- there will be a season for that sometime soon in my life.............besides I find that once you put a paycheck with your passion it becomes less of a passion!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Stand up straight- Amber!"

So- I am finally understanding what my husband and my mother mean when they harp me about my poor posture. I never really thought it was that bad until recently looking at a couple of pictures of my self. I had no idea how slumpy frumpy dumpy lumpy I look to all of you! I am really going to have to fix my posture- I am determined!

Monday, October 8, 2007

just curious................

I have had many people tell me that there is an actual way to save your blog. I have even heard that you can turn it into a coffee table book. Has anyone heard of this too? If so- please clue me in- I am the worst at keeping a journal and scrapbooking- this whole blog thing really works for me and I just hate the idea of it being stuck in a computer!

Gordon B. Hinckley

This weekend Chad and I were able to watch/listen to most of all four sessions of conference. This was mainly because we were scared to leave our home with all of the kids and do anything else! Livia will be turning four next month and we tried to have her sit and listen to a few talks with us. She was such a trooper- here are some of her drawings of the speakers she watched on Sunday. My favorite is the first one of President Hinckley- it really does look like him. I especially like how she puts ties on them.

Da Boys!!!!!

4 kids ages 3 and under!

Since Saturday I have had two additions to our family! my sister in laws- Kellie and Tess- took their girls to Disneyland and I am watching their baby boys so they could actually enjoy their time in California. It has been surprisingly pretty easy so far. I am not saying I want to continue doing this for a week or something but i have to admit I am a pretty capable parent after all! It also helps that these little boys are really good kids. I will post some pics of our adventures and please know that if you don't hear from me until Wednesday this is why!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

our little ghosts......

Livia and I made the classic sucker ghosts yesterday. I was impressed with the scarey faces Livia drew on them. Tate mostly watched and ate suckers. The sad part is- it rained all day today and now our little ghost have blurry faces!

Back from New Mexico..........

I am back from spending the best week with my family. My sister had a little girl two weeks ago and I was able to come over with Livia and help her out. Thank you to everyone who watched my little Tate while I was away. I am so greatful for friends!!!!

My Sister's new angel girl!


I asked Livia if she got into the chocolate- she said no......................