Sunday, November 14, 2010

baby turns 7!

Livia turned 7 on Friday and we are so happy to have her little witty self in our family.............She still has not lost one single tooth or gained one single pound believe it or not! I know these are older pictures but honestly she looks pretty much the same. All she wanted for her birthday was a new bike with a big basket and mom and dad delivered. She was ecstatic and rode for most of the day. She helped in making her birthday cake and we waited for our dad to return from an elk hunt so we could really celebrate later that night. Livia has turned out to have such a strong little moral compass. She is known for her quiet leadership skills and her big heart. She is about as shy as can be but we get the privilege of seeing her corky sense of humor at home each day. I love having a daughter to share with. She is a blessing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

dysfunctinal dinner story

Liv and Tater in the rain

So Chad and I took the little squirts to dinner at Cocoa's on Thursday and it was quite a little experience. We were all in kind of a bad mood and I threw a fit because by Thursday I am just tired of planning and executing meals and I refused to cook. Chad was kind enough to take pity on me and since it is hunting season I pretty much get what I want (love it). Everything was going o.k. until Chad decided that Livia needed to spell all of her words for her test the next day right then and there. He does this every now and then- picks a ridiculous battle that is not necessary but then will let the kids destroy the house while I am away with out even batting an eye. Livia was exhausted and just wanted to eat her stinkin' pancakes but Chad was determined I tell you. He kept saying (loudly) "Livia- spell HAM!" and then she would reply "I just don't want to right now." this would only frustrate him further and he would say: "you better spell HAM right now young lady- when a parent asks you to do something you do it- now spell HAM!" I was soooo embarrassed because the whole restaurant including the waitress were so disturbed. I kept trying so hard not to laugh because I kept thinking of Napoleon Dynamite when he would say " Tina! Eat your ham!" only it was "Livia spell HAM!" it ended with Chad taking Livia to the car crying and me being left with putting all of our food in boxes without making eye contact with the other patrons. it was just a night of dysfunction. Today I keep texting Chad- " SPELL HAM!" It was so unnecessary and luckily we can get a laugh from it now. Sometimes you have to just laugh or you will cry....................................

Sunday, September 5, 2010

{tate moments}

So little man Tate has had some funnies the past few weeks and because I want to remind him of these when he is older and dating, getting married etc. I decided I needed to record this little bit of his history. He cracks me up every day with the way he sees the world. First off he has decided to roll all of his R's. He says he now is speaking only in Spanish but really what he has done is replaced all of the R sounds with the rolled R. "Mom, will you excuse me? I will be RRRRRRRight back." It is hilarious only now I am hoping we have not created a speech impediment seeing as how he does it now out of habit without any awareness whatsoever. The other thing that broke my heart is when he had the realization the other day that he will never be pregnant. It is true- he was talking about how it is only girls that seem to get pregnant and why is it he has never seen a pregnant boy. I explained that Heavenly Father just designed it that way and he got really quiet and then began to cry. Chad was beyond disturbed but I thought it was cute. He really felt jipped. Don't worry Tate, some day you will be really grateful! I will remind you however of that cute little memory- you can count on it. Livia, Chad and I are always in stitches with this little guy around. We love his quick retorts and seeing the world through his perspective. If he wants something really bad he says "oh mom, PLEASE with cheese on my knees can I have that?" he is a complete crack up...................

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Livia has gone back to school and I miss her! She is always there to help me out and now I have to run up and down the stairs to fetch my own things- yuck! I took so many pictures on her first day back I was so excited to see them and then realized I did not even have a card in my camera! Tate misses her too- His days are long and lonely again. I will do a retake of the first day of school. I am so sad because I have had the classic first day of school picture (standing in front of the front door?- I know you all have one of those!) since she was in preschool. I can't flake this year. These pictures were taken in Alaska a couple of weeks ago. She is growing up.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

came across this one today.........

First of all I am so sorry I do not have the photos of Kodiak Island up yet- just picture Hawaii- it is that beautiful. The planes that took them there were the ones that land in water. This little bit of footage was a bit much for me to handle. They look like model airplanes dropping them and their gear off in the middle of nowhere. I think Chad keeps me in the dark sometimes for a good reason.

Friday, August 27, 2010

band of brothers {Alaska Sheep hunt}

I love the way Joe captured these two brothers in their element. This is definitely how they do what they do so well. I am beaming with pride for my hubcap for the way he follows his dreams and makes them into reality. He worked so hard to be able to do this hunt and he deserves the end results. (Shane helped to0 but only a little- why is he always so unorganized?-jk. bff Ricky Bobby- you know I appreciate your skillz)

Alaska {a doozy of pictures}

checking the maps

Chad calling me with the satellite phone

{deep breath}

So we pulled an all nighter and made it home Wednesday afternoon from our WONDERFUL, fun filled 3 week Alaska adventure. I have so many more pictures to post and can't wait to catch up with everyone here. I am a bit homesick for Alaska (Tai food and late night laughs with Shannon did me some good- gotta love pregnant women's dreams') and Chad and I are already scheming ways to move there ( don't worry sis- you know we are just big dreamers). Shannon is so close to delivering that little girl that it nearly broke my heart to have to leave right before the due date. We got the kids rooms all organized and decorated and went through all of the little girl baby clothes-I was in heaven. We made it home to our stacks of mail and messages and e-mails and Livia starting school and riding the bus and piles upon piles of laundry and items that need to be put away (I had to borrow two suitcases from Shannon for our trip home- yikes!) A couple of things I realized while on vacation:

  • it is sooo important no matter how much work it feels like with the preparation etc., to take a vacation away from your life- you come home refreshed and ready to meet your life and commitments head on.

  • we live in the most beautiful country- Alaska took Chad and I's breath away and driving home to our house from phoenix we noticed all over again how beautiful it is where we live.

  • Family is the most important thing and making sacrifices in order to make memories and be there for each other is what it is really all about.

  • Tate has such a potty mouth and i don't know why

  • I am turning into such a home body- all Shannon wanted to do was to take me to experience Alaska and I was more fascinated with staying home and doing home things (thanks Shannon for showing us such a great time when you are so uncomfortable pregnant right now- you really are a champ.

I will get pictures up of Chad's goat and the rest of our trip as soon as I catch up on my life.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{just pretending}

Since being in Alaska I have had the opportunity to get to know my nephew a little better. Needless to say, he has filled a little piece of my heart that will never be replaced. While Shannon is at work a few days of the week I have had the pleasure of watching this little one and secretly I pretend that I am the mother of three kiddos. He just fits perfectly with us and he holds his own with his cousins just like a Chad Rhoton baby. He is quite the little thinker- always figuring things out and in deep concentration on his task at hand. He acts like he is so serious but all I have to do is tell him to NOT smile and the big dimple comes out immediately. It is his heart however that touches me the most. He gives kisses to Shannon's belly and talks to his little sister and whenever I put my kids in time out he sneaks over to them to give them kisses and pats because he is so sad they are sad. 2 year olds never share but this little guy will give just about anything to someone if they ask him nicely or his mom asks him to do it. Here he is having to share his Mom, toys and house with all of us and has no idea when we are ever going to leave! He is really independent but he loves cuddles and secrets and his giggle- don't even get me started- it brings me to tears every time- too precious! as you can tell I am just smitten. I am sad for him to be so far away from us- maybe we will just have to move to Alaska- that way I can pretend he is my kid all of the time.............

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chena Lake

The best part about this day was watching the stealth bombers fly overhead. We played so hard this day and Tanner (AKA Mr. Independent) acted like he was a big kid and wandered around with pregnant Aunt Shannon chasing behind him. My kids are way too easy now and I got to just lounge on the blanket watching and relaxing. I felt a little guilty but not guilty enough to do anything to help. Sorry Shannon.............thanks for the wonderful, relaxing day.