Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let the fun begin!

Sweet Nicole stopped by the hospital

Sisters- remember I just had a baby! The face is a bit embarrassing.............
My sister sweetie pie!

Grandma Rhoton with her newest addition

So the past month of LIVING at the hospital has finally come to an end. As crazy as it sounds I miss the NICU. Yes, I am very happy to have Briggy D. at home but the friendships I made with everyone were very special. The ladies (and few guys) that work with these babies are some of the most special individuals I have ever crossed paths with. I love them dearly and could not be more thankful for the start they have given to Brigg's life. We are home now and back to reality. Lot's of laundry and late nights and cries and it all could not make me any happier. Never again will I take for granted the daily happenings of a normal life! My mom is bringing the kids home tomorrow and we will finally be a family of five for the very first time. Brigg is on oxygen and is doing just great. He has the sweetest disposition and has the cutest way of cuddling into your neck. Chad and I have enjoyed just living in the moment with this little baby boy. More pictures to come.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Brigg Darwin Rhoton

Brigg weighs 5 pounds today!!! He is above his birth weight which means of course he is one step closer to coming home. Everybody celebrate tonight by eating 5 lbs of your favorite dessert!!!