Friday, February 25, 2011


This week has been reading appreciation week at Liv's school. Today they were able to dress up as a character in one of their favorite books. Naturally we have a lot of pink in our household so when she FINALLY decided to be Pinkalicious, I was thrilled! Is she not just a little cupcake doll? I just wanted to eat her up this morning.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

{a bit of gripes and a pinch of happiness}

Looking at the snow.....
my chocolates that never were..........
The "Sickos" pajama party in mom's room
The weekend did not turn out as expected............I am a little bumbed out. We had been planning on going to New Mexico for the long weekend and spend some time with my family (actually Tate had finally saved enough money to pay for the chicken coop he busted at my sister's and we were going so he could help grant fix it....little boys!!- insert a big sigh right here.) We had been looking forward to the change in scenery and I was excited to just get out of the house. Chad is with Shane hunting Sheep so I hate being left behind and usually try to find an adventure of sorts for us to embark on so I don't feel left behind. The plan was going forward as planned (i was even beginning the pre-packing routine until Livia, my tough- rarely gets sick kiddo, complained of a very soar throat. Thinking she would be fine I ignored the complaint. About this time my sister began to cal to say the weather was looking as if a snow storm would be gracing us with its presence- UHG! I still remained positive mind you.........but as the week drew to its end Livia began barking like a little seal. I got her into the doctor only to discover my poor little mite had a double ear infection, strep and just for a little bonus, pink eye in BOTH eyes. I asked her "Livia have your ears been hurting you?" she said, "yes, all week long." Are you kidding me? she never mentioned it once. I was stuck looking like a neglectful mother at the doctors office with needless to say a Very sick little bug. Then the snow came.............Lovey white flakes falling the trip- my light at the end of the dark tunnel- was canceled. Last night I got the kids settled with some popcorn and a movie and decided to go and tackle shoveling the driveway. It was the heaviest deepest snow and I was cussing myself for not staying on top of it during the day as it fell. That is right about the time I slipped and fell and banged my bony bum so hard I just cried. I yelled out loud a bad word and even gave a little talking to my hubby for leaving me in this mess of snow and sickness! That is about the time the man caddy corner from me came to see if I was alright (i was laying there in my owl pajamas with a pair of Chad's hiking boots on and a coat I can't even button over my big pregnant belly) I was a sight I am sure. I Stood up super quick and wiped my tears and explained that even though I was grateful for the snow it was really getting my goat at the moment. Is that even a phrase? I think it is but I have never once said it and I felt even more embarrassed. We talked about the snow plow and that our other neighbors who were out of town would sure come home to a mess.........I was secretly hoping he would offer to shovel for me but no such luck- he returned to his own fiasco leaving me to throw my shovel down in utter defeat. I decided to get in my warm bed and read and eat my lovely little bag of chocolates Chad got me- yes that would make everything seem better..............The kids, however, got my bag of chocolates that were by my bed and had eaten every last one while I was out- they actually tried to deny it but I smelled their little mouths and saw the evidence in their teeth and guilty grins. I was ticked- so ticked I actually threw a bit of a fit about how "nothing works out for me!" The kids just stared at me like I lost my mind so I recovered by saying that I was just demonstrating how silly they looked when they throw fits. Tate said "I really need to stop doing that huh......." I had to laugh at it all. Today we woke up to more snow but a very bright day. Tate's throat hurts which is just super. So we are playing hooky from church and I am going to do some sewing projects while the kids trash the house and do what ever it is they do. I might even cuddle by the fire with my kindle or bake something or take a bubbly bath or ...............anything really- the day is my oyster.... whatever that means.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is what tate did this morning while I was putting on my makeup. I just thought it was cute.

{la la and lalaloopsy}

livia worked like crazy for this doll. she has been doing great with her spelling and chores and was rewarded with a doll she simply dreamed! These curlers are some of the coolest things ever. She even slept in them without complaint and the curl lasted a few days. How can you not love this girl to bits and pieces!?!