Monday, July 28, 2008

A very true story......................

Today the kids began swimming lessons. I wanted to wait until Tate turned three so they could be in the class where mom's don't have to get in with them (been there- done that- hated it) Swimming lessons went great and I was so happy because I was a little worried about Livia having a melt down- she is pretty timid about water- even the shower scares her. After we finished I needed to run some errands and I told the kids I would buy them a little treat for doing such a great job at their swimming lesson. We got to Target and my kids begged me to get the big momma joe honkee cart- they do this every time and since the kid cart (the one that has little stools that buckle and then the cart is hooked to the front) weighs more than I do, I usually tell them it ain't gonna happen- however Livia said that they wanted the cart to count as their treat that I promised. How could I say no to that? It wasn't going to cost a thing- So I said sure and buckled them into that mammoth of a thing and began to attempt to control the cart while knocking down stacks of towels that were at the end of a row- that thing is a serious workout for wimps like me. As I put my items in the cart it only got worse and that is when Tate decides that he is going to be a big boy and has to go to the bathroom- we are as far from the restrooms as possible- I tell Tate it is o.k. for him to just go in his diaper and he refuses by yelling he has to pee reeeeeeeeally bad. So I grab my purse and ditch the cart and make it to the restrooms just in time. I am sure Tate is now confused why I wanted him to go in his diaper when I have been begging him to go in the potty for the last few months. On my way out of the bathroom I see a friend of mine and we are catching up while my kids are literally screaming and running around. Livia was being so naughty and telling me that I needed to be done talking- who does she think she is. The poor lady I was talking to could hardly focus on our conversation due to the chaos surrounding us. I said goodbye and slammed my kids back into the cart. I tell Livia that her behavior is totally not acceptable and very embarrassing for mom and that we are going straight home after this and she will have to go to her room. She begins crying and begging for one more chance at the top of her lungs. I had two more things on my list and decided to bag the other places I need to go that morning and just accomplish my Target goals. on my way going over to the household items I run into that friend again and would you believe that my kids got out of the cart and started all over with the craziness- I was beginning to sweat it was so awful. Finally I apologised and took my kids to pay- on my way to the front I stopped to get a plastic bin and Livia spotted some chocolates that she wanted for her treat. She and Tate are begging me and I have to remind them that I let them ride this huge cart for their treat- That is when it happened- the worst part of my morning- because I am not a morning person I was wearing sweats due to having to rush to swim lessons that morning- Tate was pulling on my legs and pleading for another treat besides the cart and the child pulled my pants clean off of me!!!! Yes, it is true I was depantsed (sp?)by my three year old in the middle of Target today! Why, Why, Why are my kids so unpredictable? I cried the whole way driving home- I should have had kids in my early 20's- I would have more energy for them.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks to the rain............

I have not killed any of my flowers this summer! I am horrible at remembering to water my plants and flowers so the rain has definitely been a blessing.

I could watch this all day.......................

I can not believe how daring boys are! This little guy is going to be great on the skate board some day. He already can emulate many of the moves he watches the older boys do across the street. It is so exciting to see how coordinated he is for a little boy. He falls all the time and just gets right back on that thing! I love sitting on the porch and watching my son practice.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tut tut- it looks like rain!

Livia and Tate entertained themselves this afternoon with an umbrella in the rain. They were so precious- they walked up and down the street together singing at the top of their lungs- it was so darling to watch. They were sad when the summer monsoon ended but were happy for the puddles it left behind- boy they will sleep good tonight- I am exhausted from just watching them run around all day!

Oak Creek

We went to Oak Creek today and played at the best swimming hole for little ones. I say that because Di and I could just sit on blankets and look through magazines and never once had to worry about the kids. It was such a fun day. Di leaves for Utah this week so it was one of our last gatherings before school starts- where in the world did this summer go? Not really loving the last picture but Livia was so proud of her photography skills she wanted me to post it- I have the biggest teeth ever........................... fun day- fun memories. And of course no Oak Creek visit is complete with out a stop at Dairy queen on the way home!

best daddy

Chad was so sweet to take us to the woods for foil dinners before he left us to go to Wisconsin this week. He has really been putting in the hours lately so we were glad for this family time. Tate takes his job very seriously as arrow holder when Chad is shooting his bow. Livia focuses on her job of firewood collector when we do this. I like to just sit by the fire and enjoy watching my lovely family all around me. Livia has really been touching my heart with the sweet things she says lately. On this particular evening she kept talking about how much she loved her family. She loves being in the outdoors as a family. It is when she, like her dad, seems the most happy.

monkeys on my bed!

bread day

I have been making bread on Monday mornings as a new tradition. My kids love having their sandwiches on rolls and I love knowing that I made something useful- Also I find that bringing a loaf of bread or rolls to friends and neighbors always brings a smile to their face. At Grandma Rhoton's funeral, I noticed that almost all of her grand kids spoke of memories where they had made bread with her. She would give them a little ball of dough and they could shape it any way they wanted. I loved this idea and thanks to my mother in law I even now have little baby rolling pins for my kids when we do this. The poor little balls of dough get a real workover by the time the kids are done with them- they play with them almost the entire time I am rolling out the rolls. I love listening to music and baking with the kids. On this particular Monday we had ms. Abbie over for a play date. She had a ball with her little rolling pen. These girls were cracking me up with their conversations at the table- I think they forgot I was there because they were so interested in their dough balls. I learned that Kellie and I need to hurry up and give them both sister's already- what is taking so long anyways? Also they decided since they don't have sister's yet, they could just be each other's for now- so cute to listen to. These girls are little sweeties!

funny face!

Livy made me laugh so hard when she was putting the google eyes on her and Taters. Isn't it hysterical- or am I just really getting a sense of humor like a four year old these days?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mom's just make things better.

This week has been a delight. My mom and sister came for a visit and all of the cousins had a chance to play together. We did so many fun things. I love it when my mom comes because: I don't have to cook, she spoils me, she takes over with my kids right before I have a meltdown, she teaches me fun crafts (we had another jewelry lesson) and she will always rub my feet- I love the attention. My sister's little girl molly is such a little character. We could all just sit and watch her for entertainment. Thanks to Jenny we all have new hairdo's- My sweetie pie cousin came over on her day off to pamper everyone. It was such a wonderful visit that I wanted to cry when I watched their car drive away this morning! Family is the best. Don't you just love these pictures with my mom and all of her grand babies? my personal favorite is the one with Rach kissing Molly. We cleared out my dining room and had ourselves a little photo session while they were here- lucky for me my friend Jen edited my not so good pictures and turned them into something a bit more artistic. Well, back to reality for me there are diapers to change and meals to be made and it is all me now!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

ladybugs and grapes

Today Livia played against the Ladybugs. It was such a fun morning. Poor Tate wanted out on that field more than anything. He ran around kicking Livy's soccer ball on the side lines and pretended like he was part of something. It reminded me of when I used to put on a tights and a leotard to go watch my sister do gymnastics and totally pretend like I was in her class when in actuality I was only aloud to sit on the bleachers with my mom. Being the youngest is so hard at times. Livia did a great job- we were so proud of her and her great sportsmanship. At the end of the game the parents make a tunnel with their arms for the kids to run under and she thought it was so much fun to run under our arms. I just get so excited that we are finally at a stage in our family where we get to go watch sports our kids are playing! I think Chad wished Livy was a little more aggressive- I had to remind him it is peewee soccer- they don't even keep score- it is just to have fun!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Four year old girls playing soccer should be a skit on Saturday Night Live. I don't think I have ever watched something more hilarious than Livia's practice yesterday. The poor coach! These little girls are so in their own little world. They focus for a couple seconds and then one will find a flower and they will all ditch their balls to go pick flowers or they will be heading for the goal and get sidetracked watching another kid and start up a conversation. My favorite was watching this little girl who was in my opinion convinced she should have been at ballet instead of soccer because all she wanted to do was twirl and spin on the grass. Too funny. I will be sure to take pictures at her game on Saturday. Her uniform swallows her whole. She definitely looks like a grape.

Tater Skater

All Tate wanted for his birthday was a skate board. The boys in our neighborhood ride them and he will sit and watch them in our front yard for hours at a time. He takes it so seriously that I couldn't help but get a few pictures of him. He gets on his gear and practices in the garage by copying what he has seen the big boys do. I have to admit he is pretty good- I was surprised at his coordination on that thing!


Tate turned three and we celebrated his birthday this past weekend at Chad's parents house- it worked out great because his cousins were there. This birthday he really seemed to understand it was a party for him. He was so cute as a little pirate and the kids had a fun time searching for buried treasure and eating cake that turned everybody bright blue! Happy birthday my little boy- you are so much fun to have around. Your Dad and I get such a kick out of the things you say and do. You have such a great personality and you are so very loving to your family. We love how outgoing you are and how friendly you are to those around you. We love you so much Tater Salad!