Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day........

I am so very happy to be Tate and Livia's mother. I also am grateful for my third child, Chad- it is true honey I think of you as one of my very own at times. My Mother's day was spectacular and I really wish that everyday was mother's day or at least one day a week. I had just sewn a beautiful skirt with some friends the day before and so I wanted to just be a little extra gorgeous for church on Sunday only my sweetie pie husband thought that letting me sleep in before church would be more desirable than looking good so he woke me up at 20 minutes till sacrament meeting. As I was rubbing lotion over my prickly unshaven legs and looking at my smudged toenails from a half hazard paint job I just wanted to cry- Then I realized how perfect it was to be this way- it is really a celebration of mother hood to go to church half of the way you intended to look. I just had to laugh and reassure myself that I rarely check out women's legs and toenails at church so maybe mine would go unnoticed. Plus, I felt great in my new lovely skirt anyways so nothing was going to bring me down. Church was wonderful and both of my kiddos sang a song with the primary for the mother's. When we got home my kids and Chad showered me with lovely gifts. Livia made me a flower pot of pens and Tate painted me a pengalin (penguin) as well as a tile for me to put hot pots on. Chad wrote me a lovely card with chocolates and made me a gourmet dinner after giving me the best present of all- a very long nap!!!!! My salmon dinner was delicious! wrapped in twine and parchment paper ( ask chad- must be something to help with the gourmet flavor). All I know is when I went to bed last night my cup runneth over with the wonderful blessing of my little family. I love you my children and I love you chad for giving them to me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

random fishing trip pictures

The kids have had several chances to go fishing lately. Lucky little Tate even got to go with Papa Steve and Papa Darwin! These kids could fish all day. I can't decide if it is the fishing they love or the junk food they are allowed to eat when they go.

Easter with the Olson's.................

We were able to spend Easter with our good friend's Rach and Zach. It was so wonderful to be in nice weather and catch up with them. Zach and Chad turn into ten year old boys when they are together- between citrus baseball, video games and trying to scare wives with a dead rattle snake- Rach and I were ready to put them both in time out! I guess we should just be thrilled that are husbands are best friends just like Rach and I. That doesn't happen very often! Thanks for having us- we love your sweet little family.

T-ball time!

Tate plays on "The Incredibles" and I have enjoyed watching him take it so seriously. I especially love how all of the parents are out in the field with the kiddos. He loves it!

The water dogs have invaded my life.........

Chad took the kids and his net and caught about 200 of these wonderful little water dogs for his fishing trip a couple weeks ago. The problem is now the ones that were not used for fishing have taken up residence in an ice chest in my back yard. Every time I bathe the kids and get them all ready for the day they run out to check on Ali and Howard and then they stink like yucky mucky water dogs! I will say that we have become quite popular in the neighborhood because all of the kids come over with buckets to get their own personal pet. Sorry to all the mothers that are now forced to house a stinky water dog. don't worry if it dies just send your kids over to get some more PLEASE!!!!!!! can you believe Tate kisses these things? I feel like I need to scrub out his mouth every time.