Monday, March 31, 2008

a lullaby for mom................

While at my parents house last week livia was having a hard time falling asleep and wanted to get into my bed. I told her she could- but she had to be quiet and go to sleep because I was reading. She asked in such a sweet voice- "Mama- would you like me to tickle your back and sing you a lullaby?" this is what I do for the kids and they each have their own lullaby that I sing- I thought her offer was so darling that I put my book down turned off the light and said "I would just love that, Livy, thank you so much." Livy began tickling my back and singing a combination of Tate's lullaby and her own- "My precious one- the monster is gone- daddy shot him with a gun - he is dead and I threw him in the trash............" the song continued but I can't remember the rest because I did not know if I should be disturbed or laugh at my special lullaby! oh livy- you never cease to amaze me- how can such a sweet little dainty thing be so twisted at times. I remember when she used to collect the torsos of grasshoppers- she would pull off all of the limbs and stash the bodies in her turtle sandbox. When Sebastien the crab died I was sure it was going to crush her but all she wanted to do was inspect the crabs dead body. She was more upset that I would not let her do that than the fact that he was gone. I hope I am raising her to have compassion- sometimes I wonder. I had to include this little moment in my online journal so I would remember to share it with her someday for a good laugh!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter fun..................................

Waiting with Grandma before beginning the egg hunt!
Showing Papa the prize inside!
They were just little blurs in most of the pictures- they were so excited the Easter bunny found their house!
Tate was just precious! He really "Gets it" now.
This was my edible centerpiece for our Easter dinner- Even the grass was tasty according to Darwin.
Dying our Easter eggs the day before was pure magic- I love how Tate stutters and shakes when he gets excited.
A watched egg never dyes- or something like that.
Finished product- I just love the classic vinegar dye job.
Livia wanted to make some pictures for the Easter Bunny.
Another picture of waiting on Sunday morning for every one to get out of bed. Poor Livia was up a good couple hours before everyone could even think of opening their eyes! She was a good sport at being patient- We knew once Tate was awake that we would have no choice in the matter! What a fun Easter- Thank you Shane, Grammie, Papa, Kellie, Clint, Abbie and Jack for spending it with us!

up a creek!

Di and I took the kids hiking on Thursday- Let me rephrase that- The kids took Di and I hiking on Thursday. I think these little guys were so happy to be out in the sunshine finally that they couldn't contain their giddy excitement- They were all over this canyon! Di and I did our best to keep control until they stripped down and jumped in the creek! Yes that is right- there was snow on the banks and that didn't stop these kids from playing in a creek in water that was snow just a few hours before! Di has the good pictures because we used her camera mostly that day- I will try to post some more. The day ended with a trip to Dairy Queen and singing songs on the way home- we had a blast- I love you, Di!!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

remember when.....................

I must be baby hungry if I can look back on these pictures and feel like I want to rewind time to be in that moment again. Don't I just look so lovely in these pics- Oh the joys of water weight! I love the first picture because I am sure anyone who has had a c-section actually can feel the pain I was having at that moment. These pictures are so funny to me because it was a time when I had the biggest reality check of how close my kids were. I remember Andrea and Darwin bringing Livy in to meet her brother and I almost felt like crying- how in the world was I going to manage it? We women are so tough- here I am almost 3 years later tougher than ever and I would have to say, I even think I am getting the hang of this parenting job if I still want to have a couple more!

the pinchers are out!!!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our little Architect......................

Livia has many talents but I have to admit I was blown away the other night when I found her in Tate's room playing with her petshop toys. Livia has always been a child who plays well by herself for hours so it is quite common that she will hang out upstairs without a peep and I will have to go and see what she is up to. Sometimes she is making "potions" in the bathroom with lotions, soap and water in Dixie cups and sometimes she is cooking up a feast in her little kitchen. On this particular night she was creating what I consider to be one of the most amazing castles ever built by a four year old! (remember I am a little biased- I am sure other kids are just as gifted) Because she is my first and I have nothing to compare her to I have decided that she is an architectural genius. I mean seriously look at this castle! complete with furnishings, detailing and don't forget the lizard pond- are you kidding me? I am sure one of her cousins taught her how to do this- But Chad and I were quite impressed to say the least- Tate immediately walked right through it causing world war three with Livy- I guess he did not like her getting so much attention over it!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our new 22!

We went to Lake Mary for family night and Livia was so sweet. Chad taught us "gun safety" for our activity. It was so much fun- Tate was actually shaking when it was his turn to shoot the 22. He was so excited. Thank goodness a 22 is quiet- Chad forgot any sort of ear protection (shouldn't that be included with gun safety?) It was his gig- so I let it go...............Thank you Chad for a fun night!

horn hunting...........................

Livia came home from horn hunting so excited to show me what she found. She wants to put them in her room and she wants everyone to know that she found them- not Tate!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

copying what I do..............

You know you have had a rough year with sickness when you find your children imagining that all of the stuffed animals need a blanket and a barf bowl. This is Livia and Tate's new favorite mommy-daddy game- every animal gets set up around the house for a day of sickness- what fun!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

different day, same story.........................

Will it ever happen? I have been changing diapers consistently for 41/2 years. I just want a little break before the next one comes along. If you ask Tate if he is a big boy or baby he answers that he is a big baby! I think that says it all......................................


I had this overwhelming realization today that Livia is growing up way too fast. I want her to just stay where she is- a happy and thoughtful 4 year old. I was thinking that my mom must be so sad that we are all grown it must seem like it was just a month or two ago that she had little girls running around her house. I still feel like I just became a mom for the first time- when I realize how fast this is all going it is just so bittersweet. I am so excited for the times ahead- playing sports, going to school, going on her first date- I want her to experience all of these things but part of me just wants to freeze time and keep her in my arms. Livia has the best giggle- she and I love to just lay in my bed and tell silly stories- those in particular are the moments I love best.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dinner for two!

Tonight Chad and I had a great Anniversary dinner (Thank you Dave and Di for watching the kiddos!) We each talked about our favorite memories from the past 7 years of marriage- Mine were when we have brought a new baby into the world. I love how caring and sweet Chad is when I am recovering from a c-section. Of course his best memories had to do with the times we have gone fishing and hunting together. I am so happy to have him by my side.

sleep makes a difference.........

Chad and I recently borrowed the first two seasons of LOST from our friends. Let's just say we are totally sucked in! it is getting ridiculous- we can only watch them after the kids are in bed because they are pretty intense (Chad can't even believe I am hanging in there- I internalize everything I see). This is pretty much the dialogue from the past 4 nights:

Chad: are the kids asleep?
Amber: they sure are- are you ready to watch an episode of Lost with me?
Chad: sure but I have some work to get done so we are really only going to watch ONE episode tonight.
Amber: I totally support you in that decision- we can't stay up so late and expect to get anything done tomorrow.

we watch one episode which ends with so many unanswered questions that the dialogue now continues with:

Chad: let's just watch one more tonight and then I will go into my office and get those spreadsheets done.
Amber: o.k. - just let me go downstairs and get breakfast set up so I can feed the kids with out having to get out of bed in the morning (I am not a morning person so I have developed the "cereal in bowls and cups of milk in the fridge for the kids to pour when they get up" solution- I know pathetic)

We watch another episode and then another and another until Chad decides that he can just get up early in the morning and finish his work before his morning meeting. Is this sick or what? we are walking around our house in a daze because we are staying up until like 2 in the morning every night! We swear to each other we won't do it again the next night but that moment of decision comes our way and we are to weak to resist it! Once you start this series you just can't stop!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't spank me!

So I rarely have had to spank my children- I send them to sad town (a name for time out taught to me by my sister) on a daily basis- but for some reason Tate has started to yell "Don't spank me!" whenever he realizes he has been caught doing something sad town worthy. It is so fun to be at church, the grocery store, on play dates, when the home teachers are over and pretty much any public place and have your toddler yell this at you. It immediately causes a hush to fall over the surrounding crowds and the stares and judgemental faces burn through my skin. It does not help that he looks so precious and vulnerable when he says it like he has been beaten all of his life. I am so scared for the talents of Tate to evolve over time- he knows how to manipulate at way too young of an age!

My new blog............

I will be opening my new blog up tomorrow for everyone. Please know that no one has been invited to it but me, myself, and I. I wanted some time to transfer stuff from this blog and get things the way I wanted them. I so hope I did not offend anyone by making them think I had not invited them- so sorry! Come for a visit tomorrow! Click here

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why I have not been blogging................................

What happened to my sweet angel boy?!? Honestly, Chad and I are baffled at the transformation this little guy has had recently. There is never a dull moment- as I am posting this he is downstairs probably tearing apart the kitchen cupboards and getting into all of the knives! We love him so much but I must say, sometimes I don't know what I am doing when it comes to parenting. Some of the things he does lately puts me in a state of shock and I find myself watching him with my mouth open and completely dumbfounded as to how to discipline him. Just this morning I was working on his colors with him and everything I said he would reply "No! it is NOT yellow"- "No! it is NOT red" pretty much what ever we say to him he replies that it is NOT! I am sure Livia went through this but I just can not remember. It seems like I spend my days getting one mess cleaned up and when I go to find Tate there is another one just waiting for me. The hard part is that he really is just so cute- He immediately says he is "SO Sowey mama" and helps me pick things up- it is almost like he can not believe how naughty he is being either. I have an amazing memory of my childhood and I have to admit I remember doing things and not thinking them through- I am trying to be patient with him- I will say that I am asleep before I hit the pillow at night so he did help with my insomnia I was having!:) Oh the joys of parenting. So please be patient with me and not posting as often. I will have to be better at making time for the computer again.