Thursday, May 26, 2011

baby, trucks, wallets and broken bones! oh my!

A fun filled adventure is always evident in the Rhoton household. It just seems as of late we have have been getting hit a little harder. I am happy to say that (for the most part) we have been handling everything quite well and just have been rolling with the punches. We are the luckiest of the unluckies we always say. After the whole fiasco with Tate's arm (he is doing great by the way) , we woke up last Wednesday and found that Chad's truck had basically been chop shopped right in our drive way in the night. There were tons of parts that had been cut out of the bottom with a plasma cutter and his truck was just a goner. The police man told us that the thieves are professional and target trucks with lifts much like our redneck truck. They steal parts that have platinum in them as well in order to sell the platinum which is going for 1,800 an ounce at the moment. This of course FREAKED the kiddos out seeing as how the bad guys were right under there windows in the night doing the job. It made for some pretty scared little kiddos that just could not understand why someone would do that to our truck. We got through it (I think chad only swore once.....maybe) and then we had the big upset of this past Monday morning when Chad was supposed to work in phoenix and had to go rent a car only to find he had lost his wallet! We could not find it anywhere! Since we only had the Tahoe (truck was still in the shop) I just sent him on his way with my car and my debit card so he would not be late. Wouldn't you know that Monday ended up being the day I went into preterm labor.......oh yes it is true......Briggs decided He was done with this small space he was being forced to live and was coming whether or not we wished it.......I frantically found a way to the hospital and luckily they were able to stop it. I was a little scared being at the hospital alone with out Chad and hoping that my kids were all o.k. I am one tough lady. Chad did high tail it home and was with me at the hospital that night. Thank you di for taking over my motherly duties! I was poked and prodded and finally released and now find myself on bed rest for the third time on medication. THIS WILL BE OUR LAST BABY...please remind me of this because I know in a year or two I will forget again. The happy news to all of this is we finally found Chad's wallet! Tate and Livia had hidden it on Sunday night in a toy box at the end of Tate's bed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tate's cast- FINALLY!

Getting the cast proved to be a little harder for Tate than we had originally thought. He had never seen his pins in his arm and he got a bit light headed at the sight of it all. As the arm was covered, Tate's color returned to normal and now he is the happiest boy alive! We went as a whole family and made him feel extra special. I can rest assured now that he is protected and can go back to being a crazy little boy again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

fort cereal!

The kids and I have been working on building a fort for them out of cereal boxes. It is a work in progress I tell you! I thought for sure with all of the boxes we had saved including friends and neighbors we would have it made but we are still lacking in boxes believe it or not. The kids still love to play in it and plan to sleep in it this weekend. I have gone through two bags of hot glue sticks in the process. It really is all worth it.

Paisley with glasses.....

Cute little Paisley got her new glasses a couple of weeks ago. Between her firecracker personality and chipmunk smile she just couldn't get any cuter. She fell asleep in my bed on Saturday after I was reading to her and it just cracked me up how cute and cuddly she was. Why are little glasses so precious!? I could just kiss her cheeks off.

Monday, May 9, 2011

more pics of the tater......

Tater has been doing great since the little hitch in his giddy up happened last Thursday. He was playing on his rip stick when he fell and ripped his arm stick! He was a tough kid and after Chad and I got him to the ER and found out how bad of a break it really was we were so proud of our little man and how brave he was being. He did end up getting surgery and a few pins put in. He had all of the nurses gushing over him of course. Tate on morphine is even more charming it seems. They even gave him a frog and put a cast on the frog's arm which he thought was so hysterical. Chad and I both stayed with him at the hospital and had ourselves a little slumber party with not so much of the slumbering part. Chad was mostly worried that Tate would not be able to throw a ball. He is healing well. He still has a lot of pain but he is still the happy little boy we love. His Grammie and Pappa came for a visit and took him to Freddies for a yummy milk shake. He has had a ton of visitors and get well calls and gifts. Now Livia wants to break a bone really bad. Livia has turned into little nurse Nelly- she hardly lets him do anything for himself and smothers him with attention. When all of his cousins and friends were here they started playing dodge ball in the backyard so Tate had to come inside. Livia came in with him even though I knew she wanted to stay outside and play. She just couldn't handle the thought of him being left out. For now Tate has a sling and a fiberglass splint with a wrap. There are some pads covering the pins but I have been a wreck with worry of him getting bumped or falling. On Monday (next week) He will get his cast and we all just cannot wait for him to have more sturdy protection. My dear friend Lauralee (who first found Tate after the break ) was such a strength to me when it all happened she was so good with Tate when I was basically falling apart at the seems. I love you Lauralee! well can't wait for this adventure to be over. Thanks for all of your calls and love.

broken bone, broken heart....

These are the x-rays of before and after Tate's surgery on his broken arm. He is such a little trooper. It was a horrible break and He has handled it all with so much courage. I will post some more pics of him in the hospital.