Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Livia started preschool!

Livia started preschool last week and we are so lucky to have the best teacher possible. Ms. Stephanie lives down the street (walking distance) and has more energy than anyone I know! Livia begs to go there even on the days she does not have school!

Varsity team of hunting wives (I am the captain!)

I just stumbled on this pic of Livia when she was just a little squirt with her hero, Chad. I know it is fuzzy but it is cute none the less. I think I am ready for my 8th hunting season with Chad. You would think I would be a pro at it by now but I always feel the same- sad to see him go- sorry for myself for being left with the kids- and of course happy to see how excited and full of life Chad is during this time of year! Chad is so excited for the hunt coming up this week he can hardly sleep at night. I love how he positively gleams with happiness. Who can ask for anything more than a happy husband?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thought for the night...........

Do we judge one another? Do we criticize each other for individual choices, thinking we know better, when in fact we rarely understand another’s unique circumstance or individual inspiration?
...We also lose sight of that good part when we compare ourselves to others. Her hair is cuter, my legs are fatter, her children are more talented, or her garden’s more productive—sisters, you know the drill. We just can’t do that. We cannot allow ourselves to feel inadequate by focusing on who we aren’t instead of on who we are! We are all sisters in Relief Society. We simply cannot criticize, gossip, or judge and keep the pure love of Christ.
•Bonnie D Parkin

My friend Rach posted this on our book blog and it really hit home for me. I find myself at times judging others when they do not do things the way I would and I forget that we all have individual inspiration. I might not parent like others would but I know my children and their needs. I am really going to work on being mindful of others and their own uniqueness.