Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just like Paisley......

Our sweet little niece Paisley has been through a lot in her short little life. She has had several surgeries for her eye and has had to wear a patch for the majority of the time. She is just a little delight and quite the trooper. The other day I walked in to find Livia playing with her baby dolls and some make shift eye patches. It was so precious. Livia wants a Paisley in our house sooooo bad- maybe even as bad as me- so she just made a couple of little sisters to fit the bill. I love it.

a little hitch in our gitty up..............

Little bug Tate took a BIG digger at the neighbors' house yesterday. Scared us to death I tell you. He fell off of some exercise equipment in their garage and slapped his face on the concrete. The extra fun bonus is then he stopped breathing and passed out right in front of my sweet neighbor. My kids do this all of the time but she had never witnessed a collapsing child- I felt so bad for her. I ran down to find her a little shaken up and poor Tate a little out of sorts. Luckily Chad was on his way home for lunch so he checked him over and we decided it was nothing a little Tylenol and Wii couldn't fix. you can't tell by the pics but it is still a bit swollen and painful for him. He is back to his old self however and riding all around the neighborhood- one TOUGH kid no doubt about it!

darn this economy!

Well- biznass was a bit slow this rainy day on our block. Poor kids were so dedicated it nearly broke my heart. They stayed out for 45 minutes with out one single customer.

Even through the rain they remained faithful to their cause.

Tate pleads with the people passing by (which was not very many because of the weather) to try his "super licious lennonade" but there were just no thirsty takers.

Livia organized and reorganized trying to improve the curb appeal while Tate took a little dance break (need I say more..........)

finally after an incognito phone call made by yours truly we had our very first customers! It was AWESOME! Livia was shaking with excitement.

The lemonade tasted GREAT- I think.....................kind of- did I mention the kids made it themselves? should have probably had customers sign wavers or something.

Livia decided that since it was a special day the refills would be on the house. Such a giving little soul that one!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

occupied and happy.............

Best babysitter ever! Just some old clocks, VCR and answering machines will watch your kids for free ninety nine and hour. I got some great reading time in this afternoon. Yes!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

{focus on the heart}

Tate has really been a challenge for me lately. He is growing up and we are both trying to figure out our mother-son relationship. Of course I still want to baby him and cuddle and he needs that still at times but, for the most part he is turning more independent and a little more self conscious of his image so to speak. I was holding him on my lap helping him write thank you cards for his birthday and we heard the garage door go up (dad's home) he quickly jumped off my lap so his dad wouldn't see him being held like a little one. I supported him even though it hurt a bit to be left behind. I don't want to have some weird mama's boy on my hands after all...... I will just have to take what I can from now on. He is really wild and crazy these days and a bit too much for others to handle. I am starting to wonder if all little boys go through this. I sure hope so. I find that if I focus on his big heart it makes all of the other mumbo jumbo pale in comparison. He still will shock me each day with his growing spirituality which is so very real and sincere. He also hates the thought of someone being disappointed in him and will just do about anything to change negative opinions. He is also learning the value of honesty and I am witnessing him telling truths even if it means big bad consequences. That thrills me to no end because honesty is something I want to instill in my children more than anything. Tate, you are such a good son. I love you so.

Monday, July 12, 2010

{robot tater}

{robot birthday 4 tate}

We conquered the 5th birthday this year. I am in a bit of denial that my "baby" is now officially 5. He had a blast with all of his buddies today. My favorite moment was when he robot danced for his friends to his robot music. Morgan helped me with the totally stellar cake (notice the leaning robot- it was so supposed to do that- yeah right!) the kids built a bot out of screws and odds and ends we glued onto magnets ( it was like a mister potato head only better!) thank you to all of the ladies that stayed and helped me through the chaos. The party ended with a bang- the clouds rolled in and we had ourselves a full on monsoon on our hands. The kids ran and screamed in the rain and Tate told me tonight that he LOVED his party and wants to do it again next week.