Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stop growing up so fast Tate!

I never had brothers so this boy thing is all so new to me! Seriously- look how cute my little dude is in his big boy underwear! I can't get enough- he looks like such a big boy. He is definitely not potty trained but we are sure working on it! (gosh- no crib now and soon no diapers!- this is so weird- Time for another one!)

What good Friends I have...........

On Saturday Chad and his brother Brian took the kids camping by the Grand Canyon so I could get Tate's room moved. Tess and her sister Tamra came to give me a hand- It is always so embarrassing to let others see your stuffed closets and hidden chaos! They are definitely in my inner circle of trust now! I moved Tate into the guest room because it has way more space for him to play. We had such a good time decorating it and organizing everything- Thank you Tess for staying up so late to finish this huge project- I really appreciate it! And of course thank you Tamra and helper Rett for giving us a hand. The armoire (AKA the "Beast") was so hard to move but between the three of them they got the job done- I of course was doing the hard task of taking pictures and bossing!

Tate is getting a new room!

Downtown Flagstaff

Girl's Night Out!

We had such a great time on Friday night! after getting all of the kids situated with babysitters and trying to grab a quick shower, I always wonder if it is worth going out............Yup!- it always is! We went to the Frisco Grill for yummy salads and then to a great concertat the Orpheum Theatre put on by the Rubberband- It was just great- I laughed so much and really enjoyed myself. Again, I have to thank Chad for always wanting me to take some time for myself- He's the best!

Abbie the Mermaid

We just love our cousins!!! We were so lucky to have Abbie and Jack spend the night with us this week. Livia gets so excited when Abbie comes to play and so do I! She is the best babysitter and I find I am able to get caught up on so many projects while she is here. We had a great time popping popcorn, watching the new Strawberry Shortcake movie and reading books before bed. In the morning I found out what it would be like to get 4 kids ready including myself. Amazingly, it wasn't that hard- (remember- I only had to do it once!) I just love you Abbie!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Tea Party for two!

Fun with the kids!

I thought that I would share this little game that the kids and I play for morning snack time. We have started doing a real "Tea party" so we can practice our manners. Livia is usually the host because she likes to be in charge (wonder where she gets that from?) she helps me set the table and come up with the menu and she serves Tate. He has to say please and thank you - she makes sure of that! I think it is so important that kids have manners and this is something I really want to work on in our family. Di recently took her kids to a fancy restaurant and had them dress up and everything just so they could try out their manners. I love it! there is a great website called that will give you some great resources if this is something you want to work on as well.

Look who is growing up!

I can't believe I am actually taking the crib down this week! I have had a crib set up for over three years now. Tate loves sleeping in his big boy bed. He sleeps like me (one place all night) so he hasn't fallen out of the bed- unlike Livia who fell out the second night of her being out of the crib and knocked her teeth back into her gums! He figured out last night that there is freedom in this and I swear he got out of his bed 10 times before chad finally put him in his crib- boy was he ticked! today when I put him down for his nap he didn't dare try to get out for fear I would do the same thing. What a big boy I have.

Monday night spotlight! Zoey Issabelle!

I was just thinking this week about my poor sister being pregnant during the hot month of July like I was 2 years ago which then led me to think about the new baby girl that will be born ever so soon- which then led me to think about Zoey being a big sister and I just knew she had to be my spotlight this week. Rach- make sure you read this to her because I want her to know just how much her Auntie loves her! The thing that makes Zoey such a special little girl is how thoughtful and considerate she is. She is such an "old soul". I am always amazed when we go for a visit at how smart this girl is! she writes such perfect letters and has an artistic talent much like her grandma's. She takes care of others too. She loves her cousins and is always willing to share all of her things with them when they come over. She is good at listening and behaving her parents which makes her a great example to her cousins. She loves to laugh and joke with people. She can be a tricky little kid with something up her sleeve every now and then but mostly she is just a cuddle- bug that is always willing to give others love. She is an amazing dancer! she can watch the way someone dances and mimic it to perfection. I know that she will be the best big sister possible to the new baby that will be coming soon. Simply because she is being raised by the best big sister I know! (rach your spotlight day will come....) back to Zoey- I just love you squirt. I want you to know how amazing it is to have a niece like you. I remember falling in love with you the first time I held you. There is just something special about you kiddo.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too funny.........

I had to steal this from Tiffany's blog because it made me laugh so hard. This is my friend, Nicole's, little girl. Her name is Savannah and she seriously looks just like Edna from the Incredibles in this pic! Just wanted to make you smile today...

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Boat!

So we bought a boat, along with a buddy and Chad's brother. My father in law said before buying a boat you have to take a large amount of money go to a lake and throw it all in- if you are o.k. with how that feels then go ahead and buy a boat. I am starting to believe him- the first day we all got it we lost a seat cushion somewhere on I-40 heading east. And so it begins! seriously though it has been such a blast. I somewhat have learned how to water ski and I swear Chad is so fun to watch on the wake board- He is really good-(I am falling in love all over again!) Livia even went on the tube with her dad. I will post more pics as our boating adventures unfold!

anyone can comment now!

I finally fixed my settings so that anyone can comment- sorry for the inconvenience. It has been pretty nice because I have recieved so many e-mails from people who wish to comment but couldn't. I guess people really do look at this afterall! pretty cool!

Monday Night Spotlight!

I hope Di doesn't mind me stealing this picture from her blog. Di is my Monday night spotlight! for those of you who are just joining in on the fun on my blog, every Monday I will be spotlighting someone special in my life. The reason I picked Di today is that she is just one of those constants in my everyday life. Not many days go without a phone conversation between us. We can talk about our kids, our dreams and pretty much anything that is on our minds with out any sort of fear of judgement from each other. We have known each other for a while but didn't become super close until Tate was born. I think this was a time when I really needed a friend who understood what I was going through and she was definitely that friend. I love serving others but I have always had a hard time receiving it. Di was one of the first friends who helped me out with giving me service in a completely comfortable way- she just gets me! We used to live close to each other (our backyards touch) and we would always talk over the fence with our little chairs set up. We would borrow things over the fence, return things over the fence and even pass our kids over the fence! (I got really strong biceps from doing that). After moving away our friendship has continued. I really am grateful that our paths have crossed and that I have a buddy to talk to when I go through the emotions of raising a young family. I love you Di- you are such a beautiful person. You work so hard at being a better mom and that inspires me. I have never met someone that is as beautiful inside as they are out! Are you blushing yet? thank you for the friendship it has meant more to me than you will ever know...................

Fourth of july on Eagar Arizona

Tate's party at Grammie's house!

Tater is now 2!!!!

We celebrated Tate's 2nd birthday over the fourth holiday in Eagar. It was perfect timing because all of the cousins on Chad's side were able to be there. We had a "Drive in Movie" party. Tate is in love with cars. He not only loves the movie "Cars", he loves "Mckeen" (lightning mcqueen) from the movie more than anything. He had a really good time. My Father inlaw set up a movie theatre in his backyard and they watched the movie on the back of the house. First we did cake and presents and Tate got his vey first big boy bike! We bought him a big wheel- I remember riding one when I was a kid. It fits his short little legs perfectly. Happy birthday my little boy- you sure are a special one- I love you!

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Dad.........

This week's "Monday night Spotlight" goes to my Dad. My dad is a real simple man and that is actually what makes him so complex. He has always been the same- he's a real "Steady Eddy". He has an amazing work ethic and has accomplished great things in his life. The thing I love most about him is that he is humble- well I take that back- in some areas he is humble- how he lives, what he drives, what he needs- he isn't humble in the fact that he pretty much knows he is always right.... (just kidding dad, you know I am the exact same way). There is this thing about my dad that has always impressed me, he is a quiet leader. He teaches by example and has a lot of respect. He doesn't ever do what he thinks people want him to do. He pretty much does what he wants to do and has one of the best self concepts anyone could have. When you are around him you just want to impress him. He isn't perfect though- he chews with his mouth open, teases mercilessly, and gives you his opinion on the "right" way things should be done.
This is what I think of when I think of my Dad:
He loves the feeling of completing a project
he loves working on his land
he loves spoiling his grand kids with candy
he loves getting a rise out of his daughters by giving his grand kids too much candy
He loves anything that is funny
he is very responsible and is known for doing the right thing
he can be really stubborn
he would do anything to make my mom comfortable
he has always been there for me
he is a great communicator
he loves animals
he loves buying me king crab at market price!
Dad, I just tell it like it is- you are a good dad. You have helped me in making many of my dreams come true and you laid a great foundation for Rachel and I (look how amazing your daughters turned out!) I love you. No, this is not because I still haven't gotten your father's day gift to were the person that came to mind for this weeks spotlight. (don't worry mom, your time will come- I know this guy wasn't the only reason I turned out so amazing!)

My great Idea.............

Since I use this blog as a type of journaling I came up with a really good idea tonight. I thought it might be kind of fun for those who actually check my blog, (and for myself) to spotlight someone in my life each week. This way I would not only remember how they touched my life but show them as well. (I also think it will be a way to make my blog more enticing. We all love to read how others feel about us- at least I sure do!) This week I am spotlighting my stay tuned!

A day in Africa

Out of Africa

For any of you with kids and nothing to do, you have to go check out the Out of Africa wildlife park. We took my sister's family and had an absolute blast. The passes are a little expensive, so we were worried at first. After seeing how excited the kids got however, I felt it was worth every penny. Our camera lost batteries before the Lions and Rhinoceros so this is only a small sample of what you get to see. I was so scared of the giraffe until she so gently took a carrot out of my hand and then I just fell in love with her and her sweet eyes. It was a really fun day.

A day to myself!

This past Saturday was so much fun. Tess, Tamra, Wendy and I had a shopping day with out any of our kids (do our husbands rock or what?). We had way too much fun and ate way too much food. I bought some really cute things at some boutiques in downtown Mesa. Our friend Wendy is a local who now lives in Flagstaff and she knew about all of these little secret shopping spots- I had a blast and can't wait to do it again! does anyone want to join me? NO KIDS ALLOWED!!!!!