Monday, February 2, 2009

oh- the game of random catch-up!

Tess has moved back to Flagstaff! I love having her close by- she is a good mommy motivator.
Di bought me this beautiful apron.......................I just love her...............

Still "crapping" (crafting) away Tate is usually forced to do it whereas Livia is always thrilled and is never fully satisfied with the amount of creating I supply.

We got to play with Tanner and Aunt Shanny When they flew over from Alaska for Shane's hunt.
These three had a ball- Livia was the baby hog the whole time we were all together- O.k. maybe she was tied for that position with me.....
All clean and ready for bed at Grammies'

Livia sledding on the ice in our yard
the kids all got to cut down a Christmas tree with their grandpa this year- I wanted to include this one with the Christmas pics but waited since it was Andrea's Christmas card.
I know that this post does not make a whole lot of sense but either has our life recently with Chad interviewing all over the place and us taking tiny road trips. We have just been happy and having fun and that is always something to remember.

new chapters................

Chad began his new job with Gore today and I am just thrilled. I found that there was not much time for blogging or crafting or anything since we have been living in complete vacation mode. I am happy to have routine back in our lives again. I have so many funny stories to share that today I will just start with one of them:

A while back I was in bed reading when Tate came in with a very serious face and asked me: "Mom, some ladies have big booboos ( I think since I don't he was a little perplexed by his newest observation) "yes, Tate some ladies do....." and then with the most serious expression and with all of his heart he states "mom, They are wonderful to me." Oh no- watch out. The lady killer loves the ladies- that is for sure!

I promise to do better. I just have a hard time being on my computer lately. it seems like there is so much to do that I hardly have time to document what I am doing. My new goal is once a week or so. We have started Gymnastics with livy which seems to be the perfect match for all of her energy. She loves it and her cousin avery is even in her same class. preschool is going great and now that I know we are not moving anywhere I have been decorating and redoing window treatments. We recently decorated for valentines day and the kids had a blast. I just hate that the conversation hearts say things like "Txt me" now. I hate change. Well a random ending to a random post! Love you guys.