Friday, September 17, 2010

dysfunctinal dinner story

Liv and Tater in the rain

So Chad and I took the little squirts to dinner at Cocoa's on Thursday and it was quite a little experience. We were all in kind of a bad mood and I threw a fit because by Thursday I am just tired of planning and executing meals and I refused to cook. Chad was kind enough to take pity on me and since it is hunting season I pretty much get what I want (love it). Everything was going o.k. until Chad decided that Livia needed to spell all of her words for her test the next day right then and there. He does this every now and then- picks a ridiculous battle that is not necessary but then will let the kids destroy the house while I am away with out even batting an eye. Livia was exhausted and just wanted to eat her stinkin' pancakes but Chad was determined I tell you. He kept saying (loudly) "Livia- spell HAM!" and then she would reply "I just don't want to right now." this would only frustrate him further and he would say: "you better spell HAM right now young lady- when a parent asks you to do something you do it- now spell HAM!" I was soooo embarrassed because the whole restaurant including the waitress were so disturbed. I kept trying so hard not to laugh because I kept thinking of Napoleon Dynamite when he would say " Tina! Eat your ham!" only it was "Livia spell HAM!" it ended with Chad taking Livia to the car crying and me being left with putting all of our food in boxes without making eye contact with the other patrons. it was just a night of dysfunction. Today I keep texting Chad- " SPELL HAM!" It was so unnecessary and luckily we can get a laugh from it now. Sometimes you have to just laugh or you will cry....................................

Sunday, September 5, 2010

{tate moments}

So little man Tate has had some funnies the past few weeks and because I want to remind him of these when he is older and dating, getting married etc. I decided I needed to record this little bit of his history. He cracks me up every day with the way he sees the world. First off he has decided to roll all of his R's. He says he now is speaking only in Spanish but really what he has done is replaced all of the R sounds with the rolled R. "Mom, will you excuse me? I will be RRRRRRRight back." It is hilarious only now I am hoping we have not created a speech impediment seeing as how he does it now out of habit without any awareness whatsoever. The other thing that broke my heart is when he had the realization the other day that he will never be pregnant. It is true- he was talking about how it is only girls that seem to get pregnant and why is it he has never seen a pregnant boy. I explained that Heavenly Father just designed it that way and he got really quiet and then began to cry. Chad was beyond disturbed but I thought it was cute. He really felt jipped. Don't worry Tate, some day you will be really grateful! I will remind you however of that cute little memory- you can count on it. Livia, Chad and I are always in stitches with this little guy around. We love his quick retorts and seeing the world through his perspective. If he wants something really bad he says "oh mom, PLEASE with cheese on my knees can I have that?" he is a complete crack up...................