Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My mother with Molly and Zoey (my sister's little girls) Aren't they all just lovely? I think so! I just want to kiss Molly's cheeks! I love that little munchkin........................miss them so much!

a favorite

Whenever we go to my parents house we have to go for rides on the ranger as much as we can. Now that my dad is getting more grand kids, Chad and I decided that he needed this great jump seat for the back so he could carry more passengers. You sit up so high in this seat and the kids get the biggest rush out of going on fast rides with their Papa!

sleeping beauty

Livia is just like her mommy- we hate getting up in the mornings! I went into her room several times this morning to get her up for school and she refused to get going- I thought she looked so sweet and had to take a picture of her peaceful little face.


Chad put together these stools for the kids bathroom and I have been loving it! They get their own drinks, brush their teeth all day long and wash hands just for kicks! They love the independence stools give them. My sister always says that taking a toddler's stool away from them is the equivalent of taking a teenager's car away. My kids are growing up so fast it seems like my job is getting easier each day!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

too tired

Tate was having a hard time going to bed the other night and kept getting out. I would put him back in immediately and the kid would not give it up. He probably got out of his bed 50 times! Finally when he did not appear at my door I went to check on him and found this. I think he fell asleep on the job!

Dad rocks!

Tate loves to fish! While Livia and I went to get ears pierced Dad and Tater went fishing at Chad's special fishing hole- Chad says this pond is so stocked you get one every cast. Tate could not stop talking about it when he got home last night. Like father like son. While fishing they came upon a fresh mountain lion kill so Chad called his friend Preston who has dogs and they left at 4 in the morning to go get themselves a mountain lion. You have no idea what it is like to be married to someone this obsessed! Well some of you do...........

brave girl.............

Yesterday afternoon Livia and I went to get her ears pierced. It is literally all she has been talking about since her grandma tried to take her and a cousin after Easter (they only let the parent take them so they were turned away). I have been using the threat like crazy lately that "little girls who (fill in the blank with anything naughty) Do not deserve to get their ears pierced!" What am I going to use for my threats now? She was so brave and hardly even flinched when it happened. I looked at her little face and asked if it hurt and she said yes and began to scream! We caused quite a scene let me tell you. It felt like the whole mall began to gather around and gawk at us. I was sweating like a pig by the time that whole ordeal was over. Chad and I originally wanted to wait until Livia was 8 to get this done but caved in recently because it really is rare that Livia ever wants one specific thing. I try hard to not get my kids things before they get the opportunity to wish for it- sometimes that is most of the fun! Livia- you were so brave- I am proud of you.

Friday, April 18, 2008

smarty pants

Today while running errands with the kids, I was so excited and happy that the weather has taken a turn for the best. We had the windows down and we were listening to music as we drove to here and there. When we got in the car after the last stop I began singing as I was backing out of my space- the conversation with Livia then began...............

Me: (singing) Make you banana pancakes- pretend like it's the weekend.......... (a Jack Johnson fave for those of you who are not familiar.)
Liv: Mom- please- just don't sing for a little bit o.k?
Me: Don't you like it when I sing? I think I am a pretty cool mom for rocking out with you kids!
Liv: I don't like it when you sing because I just don't like annoying sounds.
Me: My singing Annoys you? I didn't even know you knew that word. what does it mean?
Liv: it means when moms make you mad with what they are doing.
Me: Well, that is a good enough definition for me- You little smarty pants.
Liv: That is annoying too when you call me names.

Oh, Livers- when did you grow up? I smiled the whole way home after this conversation while watching my little young lady in the rear view and wondering what is to come in the teenage years if she thinks I am annoying now............... just wait Livia, Just wait.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

my sweet....

This sweet little girl was such a delight! She used to do this little pose all of the time and it would melt every body's heart. She could pretty much get whatever she wanted when she tilted her little head to the side and smiled.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

how much is too much?

Thanks Livia for teaching Tate what too much toilet paper looks like. Why???!???! You can't even see all of the paper that is crammed in the toilet. Livia knew they were busted- Tate was just excited for the prize at the end of the toilet paper rainbow. I am glad I keep my camera handy for moments like these because it reminds me to "find the funny" or as Chad would say "are we creating a blogging moment?"

Livia's cookie caterpillar.................

Monday, April 14, 2008

sisters I love.............

What a fantabulous weekend of fun! My darling Hubcap watched the kids so I could go to the valley for a weekend of R&R. We picked up Shannon at the airport Thursday night and did not stop laughing until Late Saturday. We had a beautiful Baby shower for Shannon at the Cheesecake Factory and even all went to a Bon Jovi concert- Hilarious right!? We had so much fun shopping without our kids! (I have to admit I was laughing at all of the poor mom's dealing with meltdowns around us while I sat and sipped my coke in peace) I am so grateful for this family I married into. I have such beautiful sisters that would do anything for me. Thank you girls for moving mountains so we could do this. I love you all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

everybody do your share!

I know some people think that others spend too much time painting perfect pictures of their kids on their blogs- but I just have to say that when I am old and grey and reading these picture posts I want to remember the good things my kiddos were about. One of those precious memories will most likely be how good my kids are getting at taking care of themselves. Today I asked just once for them to pick up their rooms before their dad would be home and they ran off to begin the task. Chad usually calls when he leaves his office so I like to make it a challenge for the kids to pick up the day's messes before they "get their feet tickled" (the garage door is under their rooms- so when dad comes home it vibrates the floor) They are so good at cleaning up- happy and everything for the challenge it brings- I am a proud momma!


Livia never stops moving so she is pretty much a blur in all of the pictures I have taken of her recently (I need to fix the settings on my camera for neurotic subjects) Any hoo- We had a lovely conference weekend. I know it is necessary for us to get out and mingle with other people at church on Sundays but man it is so nice having church at home- no screaming mother trying to do hair and Iron clothes while getting dinner prepared and finding scriptures and packing the diaper bag............... Let's just say I could really get used to church in my p.j's- I know that is so not a reverent thing to say. This year I had the conference packet for kids to keep Livia busy- Tate could care less and chose to drive cars all over us during the morning session. Livia was in heaven! We set up a little space for her in front of the TV. and she acted like she had a serious task ahead of her keeping track of the people who spoke- precious! We had yummy muffins in the morning made by yours truly and Chad made us some of the best burgers ever after a lovely family walk in the afternoon. I just love spending a day like that with my little family- All of the talks were amazing- I felt so recharged this week. On Saturday Chad took the kids into the mountains for the day so I was able to sew and listen to both sessions. Thank you Chad for being mindful of how mind numbing child rearing can be and making sure I get some alone time. I love being in my home alone- I love to clean everything and catch up on all of the projects I never get to because of the rug rats at my feet.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I love my little girl. She is so creative- here she is painting some pots for our herb garden we are making and the other pic is of some shorts/pajamas that I sewed for her (thanks Di for being patient enough to teach me how to sew!) I love making play clothes for the kids and Livia loves wearing them! she is refusing to take them off!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Eating pretzels..................