Monday, September 21, 2009

just doin what we do...............

These are the cakes I made (with help from Morgan) for my two little nephews

I could blog all day and then some to try and catch up with all we have been up to! I never had a chance to post about our family vacation/reunion in Colorado. We had such a wonderful time seeing all of my mom's family and catching up with cousins and their beautiful families. We were also able to celebrate the life of my grandpa Randy who passed away this past June. We went to a wonderful dinosaur museum and swam and barbecued at one of the prettiest locations I have ever been in Colorado. Thank you so much Aunt Jenny and family for having us! Things have been busy around our little neck of the woods with school starting. Tate loves going to preschool and although Livia doesn't share much about her Kindergarten life (I ask every day- evidently it is just her own personal business) but we are sure she must love it since she is all smiles when it is time to go to school for the most part. We recently attended a "Demolition Derby" which was quite the experience to say the least. I don't know which was more interesting to watch- the people who attended or the actual demolition. We had so much fun roasting marshmallows for family night a couple of weeks ago. The kids had these big logs to stand on and they put on a show for Chad and I to watch around our campfire. We also played a great game of hide and go seek in the woods. I love playing with little kids because I feel like I am such a good hider and finder and runner for the first time ever in my life. One of the biggest accomplishments in our family is that our very own Mr. Tate has recently learned how to ride his bike!! We can't believe how hard he worked at getting rid of his training wheels. I have been trying to stop and smell the roses so to speak- my kids are so much fun right now. I fear about how easy things are getting. I will have my world rocked if we ever have another baby and I have to get back into diaper and sleepless nights mode! I have also been working part time which has been so much fun. I recently watched Kung Fun Panda with Tate and the turtle in that show said something so profound: "The past is history and the future is a mystery but today is a gift and that is why it is called the present........" I just loved that.