Friday, April 3, 2009

an "amberdent"

When I used to teach school my fellow teachers would call all of my mishaps amberdents instead of accidents (yes it happened THAT much!) When I was buying some fabric the other day a sweet little lady was cutting it for me. She said "You are so cute" I replied thank you and she then asked "how old are you sweetie?" I replied with a smile I am" it was during my last answer that I realized she was talking to my sweet little Livia who was standing next to me. I forget that first of all it is just not about me anymore and second of all I really am just not that cute anymore either. I was so embarrassed. She just laughed and said "well, you are cute too honey!"

gymnastics and Ms. Avery

Livia is in heaven these days with her new hobby. She has taken to Gymnastics unlike anything before! We can't wait for Monday afternoons. The best part is she gets to take it with Avery her best buddy. These girls do everything together. They are in the same preschool and if Tess and I allowed it they would have a play date daily! Here are some more pics of the girls having some makeover fun. I love doing makeup and hair and the girls loved going through my jewelry!