Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more belly pics

I know these pictures almost look as if I am the same size but each week I am gaining pounds galore so I know either the belly is growing or my backside. Tate informed me on Sunday that I was getting really wide these days- I was able to go to church just feeling super about myself. I guess stressing honesty with the kids can come back to bite you in the WIDE butt!

hard life lessons

As an update, tonight we were able to replace Sparkle with a beautiful female bird named Tweets. Chad even bought some bird toys for the cage which seemed to just make everything better instantly for the kiddos. Liv still gets a quiver lip when Ms. Sparkle is mentioned but I believe her heart is on the mend for sure.

Friday, April 15, 2011

baby is getting big!

I have been amazed at just how big my belly is able to get! I am already 5 pounds bigger than I was when I delivered the other two. I keep thinking that if I seriously have three more months of growing I will just explode! Are not our bodies simply amazing? At night I am up to sleeping with four pillows and Chad must have finally gotten sick of rolling into fluff all night instead of his beautiful wife because he recently ordered a pillow that supposedly will eliminate all of the chaos I have going on in the bed. I am eagerly awaiting the ups trucks sound each day. Livia and Tate are growing so fast these days. ALL of taters pants have turned into high waters and even Livia seems to be eating constantly and has horrible leg aches at night. I have the baby's room in the early stages of readiness and Tate is going to be getting a new Batman room next week. He is so very excited. I am moving him into my craft room because let's face it- I truly do not have space in my life for crafting at the moment. A season for everything- right? I keep getting so excited for this little guy to be born. I love the thought of having another Chad Rhoton baby with big blue eyes and dimples. I keep having dreams of this little chubby baby hand with the little knuckle dimples pressing on my cheeks. I know the sleepless nights which Chad and I have been free of the past 5 years are about to return and I am trying to prep myself that I will soon have to leave my selfish ways again. For me that is why having a baby is so very special. I feel like it is an opportunity for me to be a better person. We really are working hand in hand with Heavenly Father when we are given the blessing of raising a child. I was thinking last night of all the mommies on my street with little newborns. It was 2 in the morning and I was settling back into my pillow nest and I thought about Divia and Lauralee and how they were probably rocking a baby in their arms at that very moment. I am excited to join them. (please remind me of this sweet thought when it really becomes my reality) Babies, babies, babies. It is all that consumes my thoughts these days. I am trying to download a clip of Tate and Livia when they were much smaller and more controllable!