Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming soon!

I am currently working on a new BLog that I will be opening up for visitors very soon. You will soon notice that any craft ideas/cleaning and organizing ideas will be dissapearing from this blog. The reason for this is I really want to keep this blog as a Family Record. My new blog will be simple but full of fun, inspiring ideas to hopefully motivate you. I will be putting tutorials of fun (easy) projects. It will mostly be my personal blog about what makes me happy. Since I am a horrible phone talker it will be a way for my friends to stay up on what I am doing. Keep a look out for Unnecessary Necessities!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grandparent visit!

We had a great weekend with my parents. My kids loved having them here and so did I because there was yummy food and great babysitters! My parents have more energy for my kids than I do. Thank you dad for chipping out all of the ice on my driveway and thank you mom for making the best Texas Sheet Cake ever! We love you guys so much!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Little Tate!

Oh how I miss this age! I would just kiss his cheeks all day long! Why do they grow up and become stinky boys?!!?

2 years ago today!!!

Livia Lee- 2 years ago on Valentine's Day. I always feel like time moves so slowly until I see pictures like this and I realize just how fast they really do grow up. I miss her curly hair! It was just so fun to do. Had to post these............................................

Happy Valentines!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Again, I cannot express how much fun it is to have this little girl in my life- She is about as girlie as they come. In this particular footage we had just given Liv the works- nails, hair, makeup and even a shirt from my closet! (please try hard to not focus on the woman in the hideous jammies and headband in the background we hadn't gotten to my makeover yet!)

So much fun.............

Oh how important it is to get away from your kids!!!!!!! We had a divine time in Salt Lake. I shopped until I dropped and Chad talked until he was exausted about bulls and bucks! it really was a fun time. I especially loved doing a session at the Temple and Seeing the Conference Center in real life. We ate good food and hung out with great friends. I really missed my kids! it was great to come home to my sweet life after taking a breather. Thank you to Tess, Brian, Darwin, Andrea and Jill for helping with the kiddos and Thank you Shepherd family for watching our Stinky Crab!!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Too Funny.....................

Hilarious song to make you smile!

Monday, February 4, 2008

back from the dead...................

I am so glad Chad and I finally bought a King size bed last year- We always said we loved to cuddle and would never get one- after kids come along sleep becomes so much more imortant so we could easily justify the purchase. The past few days we have all been sick with the flu. we have lived as a family in that bed. I got the flu in my muscles and I have felt almost paralized. Chad even had to get me out of the tub the other night- Humiliating! I think next year we might just get those flu shots after all. So when we all went to the doctor on Thursday they told me that the flu is passed through the air like when we cough- me being the complete germaphobe has gone through two cans of Lysol washed all of the sheets 4 times and I keep opening up all of the windows to air the house out- Chad thinks I have completely lost my mind. On Saturday I had to go to the Stake baptisms- my dear Presidency has been so good to cover me the past few months so I knew I would just have to muster up the strength and do it- I am glad I did- Livia came with me so I would not have to leave two kids for Chad to deal with- and she was just full of questions. It was really fun to experience that with her- she is growing up way too fast. Kind of a random entry I know but this is my journal and these are some things I want to remember................. We are all feeling better thank goodness because we leave tomorrow for Saltlake for the Hunting expo to promote an sell Chad's new hunting movie! Too exciting.