Sunday, November 14, 2010

baby turns 7!

Livia turned 7 on Friday and we are so happy to have her little witty self in our family.............She still has not lost one single tooth or gained one single pound believe it or not! I know these are older pictures but honestly she looks pretty much the same. All she wanted for her birthday was a new bike with a big basket and mom and dad delivered. She was ecstatic and rode for most of the day. She helped in making her birthday cake and we waited for our dad to return from an elk hunt so we could really celebrate later that night. Livia has turned out to have such a strong little moral compass. She is known for her quiet leadership skills and her big heart. She is about as shy as can be but we get the privilege of seeing her corky sense of humor at home each day. I love having a daughter to share with. She is a blessing.