Friday, October 7, 2011


I can't even remember if I have posted this already. (and too lazy to scroll through to make certain!) Tate did this project with me and I think it was finally one that held his attention. Unlike Livia and I, he is not very into the crafts and projects moments. He is very proud of his shirt and I am hoping it might replace the three year old soccer jersey that is worn a minimum of 6 times a week! He just knows what he likes right? I am very impressed with how he has handled having Brigg join the family. He has never really been into babies when cousins were born so I was bit worried. I know now that there was no need- he loves his baby brother so very much. We were at the store with some friends and his little buddy said that our baby looked kind of weird - I know it is true because I basically deliver a fetus not a full grown baby and let's face it they are probably only cute to our family. Well, Mr. Tate was not having it! I had to hold him back from going after the kid who made the comment. Don't mess with our baby or Tate will will be the one you have to reckon with. Tate is a great kid- passionate, a little unpredictable- but definitely very lovable.

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